Legislative Report

Bill Dowden, Legislative Director


As the Oct-Nov-Dec 2017 edition of the Indiana Shooting Sports News goes to press, there are still many questions about the horrible shooting in Las Vegas…Unfortunately, consistent with then-chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s assertion that “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”.   And what I mean by that “it’s an opportunity to do things you think you couldn’t do before,” it quickly became politicized.  Now is the time for all stripes of politicians to join in condemning the action of one man and offering prayers and sympathy for those who are suffering so greatly from that attack.

We are approaching the season when many candidates will be campaigning for the 100 seats in the State House of Representatives and 25 in the State Senate which will be up for election in 2018.   Now is the time to determine which candidate truly represents your interests in the right (which is not to be infringed) to keep and bear arms.

To obtain information on General Assembly bills, committees, etc., go to the website www.iga.in.gov.  Also, for information about the candidates for various state offices, dates of election, etc., go to the website www.in.gov/sos/elections.

As was reported in the last edition of this magazine, the issue of constitutional carry (or as some say permitless carry), was before a joint House/Senate study committee appointed to study the issue.   There was much testimony presented, both pro and con, and there appeared to be much support among the committee members.

The most compelling testimony came from the author of HB 1159, Representative Jim Lucas. He and several colleagues questioned whether those who had served in the U. S. military or were elected to public office really meant it when they raised their hand and promised to defend and support the Constitution.   Witnesses were reminded that both the Federal and State constitutions guaranteed the protection of the inherent right to keep and bear arms.

Leadership opted not to act on the bills pertaining to constitutional carry in the last two sessions.   In view of the good testimony before that joint committee, all the members in 2018 should be allowed to cast a public, official vote on the issue, as legislators in other states have.

The mission of our ISRPA is “To encourage and promote safe gun handling procedures and good marksmanship qualities among law abiding citizens of the United States, and most especially the law abiding citizens of the State of Indiana.”   We neither support nor condone misuse or criminal