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By Bill Dowden, Legislative Director

With the 2018 election campaign underway, Hoosier gun owners need to be in touch with candidates for the Indiana General Assembly. All 100 House of Representatives seats are up for election this year, and 25 of the 50 Senate seats will be on the ballot. As always, the various national pro-gun organizations will be grading and endorsing candidates based on questionnaires and previous support for the right to keep and bear arms. Every gun owning voter should be determining the commitment of the candidates for whom they will be voting. The response that they support the 2ndAmendment or that they own a gun does not necessarily mean they will risk their future reelection by strongly supporting good legislation.

The anti-constitution rants and rallies across the nation should remind gun owners that the while the attention is centered presently on other social and political issues, the well-financed and orchestrated fight against private gun ownership continues.

In light of the actions of cities around the nation to restrict gun owners’ rights, every Hoosier gun owner should be thankful that Senator Jim Tomes waged the successful battle in 2011 to pass Senate Bill 292 which prohibits local jurisdictions’ ordinances and rules regulating firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories. Prior to his success, there were hundreds of local rules throughout the state which most citizens were not even aware of, and generally had no effect on preventing crime.

The opponents of private gun ownership will probably urge the Assembly to pass some “reasonable and common sense laws” with the goal of limiting the inherent right to own and use firearms. Most likely, pro-2nd Amendment legislation which has been stymied in the House will be reintroduced in the next session.

To keep informed and up-to-date on candidates, district maps, and other information on the upcoming election, go to the website: “SOS.in.gov” and scroll to “Election Division.” Then, make sure to support your candidate with your voice, your money, and your vote.

The Founders of this Republic were willing to pay a high price for Freedom Gun owners, legislators, and voters should not cower in the face of those who would take away those protected God-given rights.

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