Reservations are open NOW for the 2018 ISRPA Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet!

   Plan to join us Saturday November 3 at the historic Riviera Club in Indianapolis!  Meeting at 1pm, Social Time begins at 5pm, Dinner at 6pm followed by Presentation of Awards.  *Early registration:  Adults $20, Juniors $10 through October 15.

Tickets are still available for the ISRPA Henry Rifle Raffle!  Only 200 tickets will be sold- order online now!  $20 donation per Ticket.  Indicate how many tickets you want in the “registration” field.  LEARN MORE

IYSSF Raffle— ONE $50 ticket buys a chance at 5 GUNS!  Plus a ticket for the raffle of a Gun Safe– you’ll need it for your winnings!  ALL PROCEEDS SUPPORT THE ISRPA JUNIOR ENDOWMENT FUND AND/OR INDIVIDUAL JUNIOR TEAM.  LEARN MORE

ISRPA Membership fulfills the CMP requirement of membership in a CMP-afilliated club for potential purchasers.  1911 Sales Information available on the CMP Website–