2024 Indiana General Assembly Opens For Business Next Week

The Indiana General Assembly kicks off the 2024 Legislative Session next week, November 21. Although a short Session, we will see many Bills impacting our 2A Rights. ISRPA will be working hand-in-hand with the NRA and NSSF on several pieces of legislation, including Bills to counter financial institutions discrimination against individuals and businesses exercising their Constitutional Freedoms by banning their ability to process credit cards and other financial transactions essential in functioning in today’s society. These financial institutions have taken an approach directly out of the Chinese Communist Party Playbook to cancel citizens from participating in society and business if they don’t adhere to strict far-left standards.

Other pieces of legislation that are expected include:

    • Prohibiting firearms at polling places
    • Penalties for failure to report lost or stolen firearms
    • Raising the minimum age required to carry a handgun
    • Penalties for privately-made firearms
    • Making it harder for a person convicted of domestic battery to own a firearm
    • Raising the age to buy “assault weapons”
    • Protecting the Second Amendment:
      • Making federal laws, executive orders or administrative orders that infringe on the constitutional right to keep and bear arms unenforceable in Indiana.
      • Providing state income tax credits for firearm safety
      • Letting law enforcement trade confiscated firearms
      • Penalizing people who fail to safely store firearms at home
      • Keeping firearms locked and unloaded
      • Requiring liability insurance to carry a handgun