HB 1235 (Prohibited causes of action concerning firearms) is up for a hearing in the Senate **Tuesday February 20 at 0830 **.

HB 1084 (Privacy of firearms transactions (prohibits use of credit card codes for gun store purchases) is set for a hearing  in the Senate Wednesday morning, February 21.

Both will be 
in Room 130 at the Indiana Statehouse

CONTACT YOUR SENATOR and let him or her know you support these important bills.

And if you can, come to the Statehouse to show your support.
 Room 130 is on the 1st floor (basement) of the Statehouse, so just take the elevator to Floor 1 and you’ll be able to locate the conference room.

HB 1235 prohibits political subdivisions (any government entity below Indiana State-level) from filing nuisance lawsuits against firearms and ammunition manufacturers, dealers, sellers, and trade associations. 
HB 1235 would also put an end to a 25 year old lawsuit (Gary v Glock) that is currently putting the personal information on an estimated 400,000 ATF Form 4473s at risk.

Read more about these bills below.  Then contact your Senator! The “find your legislator” button is in the upper-right on the Indiana General Assembly website.  


Here is a sample letter to your Senator supporting HB 1235.

In Liberty,

Kelly MyersCo-Director, Government Affairs