ISRPA Legislative Update
February 10th, 2023

The Indiana General Assembly has been going at full speed on many issues impacting gun owners and our Second Amendment Rights. ISRPA is tracking approximately 44 pieces of legislation and monitoring other bills that could potentially impact the membership as the session moves steadily towards it first major deadline, the last day for a bill to be heard on 3rd Reading, February 28th. Once we pass the first major deadline, we can identify the legislation that we really need to focus our efforts upon (there are a considerable number of absolutely horrible Bills that should NEVER see the light of Day). Below is a link for you to track all of our followed Bills in real time:

ISRPA’s top proactive initiative is HB 1008, crafted to fire a shot over the bow of companies who manage the State’s pension funds who have adopted the tactic of blacklisting those who do not follow their doctrine. These companies have adopted Environmental and Social Governance policies (ESG), whereby they will not do business with those that do not follow their doctrine, not unlike what is going on in Communist China. The implementation of the policies results in the discrimination against those who farm, mine coal or drill for oil, and who engage in Second Amendment businesses or activities. Currently, those companies are “cancelling” pretty much all Hoosiers: Gun Owners, Hunters, Shooting Sports Companies, Farmers, Agro-businesses, and Coal/Oil/Energy Companies. ISRPA has coalesced with the NRA, NSSF, Farm Bureau, and Energy Companies to put forth an initiative that sends the message to these Communist co-conspirators that if they decide to discriminate against Hoosiers, the State will choose not to do business with them. Simple Supply/Demand, Free- Market Economics.

We STRONGLY believe that the Bill should be strengthened to add State contracts in the Bill to address the banks and insurance companies who have also adopted these anti-American doctrines. Yours truly had his insurance cancelled by the Hartford Insurance Company for “Lobbying Activity,” coincidentally timed as I was on the NRA Board Ballot.

The Banking and Pension Fund Management Industry has come out in force to oppose this legislation. 14 of the 15 current Indiana Pension Management vendors threatened to pull out of the State and came up with a highly suspect $7 Billion Dollar negative impact to the State. State Treasurer Dan Elliot, who has been an incredible advocate to protect Hoosier values, wasn’t even consulted when the fiscal impact to the State was “calculated” Additionally, the President of the Indiana Bankers Association met with the State Treasurer and told him that it was inappropriate for him to advocate to legislators and show up on the 3rd floor of the state House (paraphrasing). Now that’s a pile of bull excrement. Dan continues to fight with us and is the right person for the job at the right time!

A special thanks to Speaker Todd Huston, Representative Ethan Manning, and the House Republican Caucus for making this Bill a priority for the Session.

CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR NOW TO SUPPORT HB 1008, we will need your help in the Senate!

A few other pieces of legislation of note are moving through the process:

HB1177 HANDGUN TRAINING FOR TEACHERS (LUCAS J) Creates a specialized firearms safety, education, and training curriculum (curriculum) for teachers, school staff, and school employees. SUPPORT

HB1323 INFORMATION PRIVACY RELATING TO FIREARMS (HAGGARD C) Specifies the circumstances under which information concerning a person who applies for or holds a license to carry a handgun may be released to a federal government entity Current Status: 2/7/2023 – Senate sponsors: Senators Freeman and Tomes SUPPORT

SB136 CONVICTION DATA (SANDLIN J) Defines “prohibited person” as a person prohibited from possessing a firearm or carrying a handgun and creates a process for law enforcement access. Watching closely to make sure there is due process for persons mistakenly identified or kept on the list.

SB205 TASK FORCE FOR THE REDUCTION OF VIOLENT CRIME (QADDOURA F) Establishes the task force for the reduction of violent crime (task force). Requires the task force to study potential statutory changes to reduce violent crime and submit a report for distribution to the general assembly. Current Status: 2/9/2023 – Second reading amended, ordered engrossed. Watching and will propose amendments to insure a fair and balanced representation on the task force.

The mission of our ISRPA is “To encourage and promote safe gun handling procedures and good marksmanship qualities among law abiding citizens of the United States, and most especially the law abiding citizens of the State of Indiana.”