NRA World Shooting Championship: 2024 Event By The Numbers

Source: NRA Shooting Sports USA | Repost ISRPA 4/12/2024 –

The 2024 NRA World Shooting Championship was stacked, from Stage 1, which featured Sporting Clays competition with Raptor synthetic semi-automatic 12-gauge shotguns from TriStar Arms and Rio 2¾-inch, 1⅛-ounce, 1,300 f.p.s., #7.5 shotshells, to the 12th and final stage, USPSA, which had shooters equipped with Walther PDP Match Polymer pistols and PMC 9 mm 115-grain ammunition.

Between the first and last stages, there were plenty of other stages that shooters could be excited about. For example, Stage 3: NRA America’s Rifle Challenge had the ACME Machine AM15 rifle with ACME Machine 1X6 first-focal-plane optic and Fiocchi 5.56 mm NATO ammo. Stage 6: Three-Gun included Mossberg JM Pro 12-gauge shotguns, Canik Rival pistols with MeCanik red-dot optics and Ruger AR-5.56 rifles with Vortex Razor 1-6X HD Gen II E optics. Stage 7: NRA Mid-Range AR Tactical saw competitors shooting the same Ruger AR-5.56 rifles and optics as the Three-Gun stage with Federal .223 Rem. ammo. Stage 9: Cowboy Action had shooters beginning in a seated position with their backs to the firing line, running to either the left or right while shouting “Wet my whistle” (or their choice of words), firing a Henry Big Boy revolver, then sprinting to the other side to shoot three Henry H006GM Big Boy lever-action rifles. And Stage 10: Precision Rifle Series featured Ruger Precision Rifles topped with Vortex Razor 3X15 HDLHT optics, along with Federal GM .308 Win. 168-grain ammo.

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