NRA’s World Shooting Championship Going On NOW

Source: The Outdoor Wire | Repost ISRPA 4/5/2024 –

When the shooters take to their various stages to begin the NRA’s World Shooting Championship today at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, they will face a course of fire designed to help identify the best all-round shooters in the sport. Rifle, pistol and shotgun- with variations of each -wait to see who can combine the various stages of fire to take home the top prize and bragging rights as the world’s best all-around shooter…for 2024.

What they won’t see is all the work that went into getting the competition ready for them. Not just setting the courses, but re-setting them after severe weather moved through much of the country on Monday and Tuesday. Things were pretty much ready-to-go until the weather decided to take one of those notable spring u-turns and go from mild to wild.

Atterbury was no exception.

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