Postal Matches

ISRPA-Sponsored Postal Matches 

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The first Results are now posted on the Orion page:

Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association Junior Postal Match 2017 First Session 3P Sporter Air Rifle

To promote shooting competition among shooters of all ages, especially junior shooters in an inexpensive and non-threatening situation, the ISRPA encourages shooters to participate in our new postal competition program. Our primary goal is to increase awareness and introduce junior shooters to shooting programs, and we hope that we can expand to shooters of all ages in the future. A postal match allows shooters to shoot labeled targets provided by us at their own ranges and ship the targets to us for scoring. Shooting disciplines available include international air rifle and air pistol, 3P sporter air rifle, 3P precision air rifle, Conventional pistol (indoor), small bore rifle, international free pistol, and BB gun.

The program will include two sessions:

January 1 – May 31, 2017 and June 1 – October 31, 2017 with awards for each session and for the two sessions combined.

While we will eventually need to charge a fee to cover expenses, for this inaugural year, your only cost will be postage to ship targets to the ISRPA. Matches must be fired on targets provided by the ISRPA in a facility that is safe and designed for the specific shooting event. All rules for the discipline, including equipment, are to be followed per NRA, USA Shooting or other appropriate governing body for the discipline. We will divide shooters by age, types of shooting program, etc to balance the competition as best we can.

Please talk with your local 4-H shooting groups, American Legion Junior Shooting Programs, gun clubs, etc to encourage them to take advantage of this new program to encourage junior competition shooting. Specific details will be posted on the ISRPA website under Competition, Postal Matches, but you can email directly to Steve Pardieck at (317-281-6024) or like and follow ISRPA on facebook.

Please share your thanks with Steve Pardieck, match director, Jerry Wehner and Paul Carlson who have put much effort into organizing this competition. The best way to say thanks is to participate.

Bill Jordan

Vice President, Junior Activities