Smallbore Rifle

Smallbore rifle (.22 Caliber)

Smallbore rifle competition, using a .22 caliber rifle, is held over distances of 50 feet, 50 yards/meters, and/or 100 yards. Match competition can be as quick as 30 shots (10 shots prone, standing, kneeling) in a league or as long as 40 shots at the National Championships. Competition is conducted in as many as four positions – prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing – to as few as one – prone only or standing only. Section 7 of the Smallbore Rifle Rule Book discusses all courses of fire recognized by NRA, while section 17 covers all courses of fire recognized for national records. Smallbore rifle competitions may be fired outdoors or indoors.

How to get started

Smallbore rifle rules

Smallbore Ranges and Clubs

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