Youth Opportunities and Programs

20160605_131928 (2)Shooting sports and gun safety programs for youth in Indiana

There are lots of opportunities in Indiana for Youth.  Whether you’re interested in basic safety, recreational sports, organized activities, competition, or hunting, shooting programs  supported by 4-H, the department of natural resources (IDNR), American Legion, private clubs, schools, and individuals occur throughout Indiana.  The Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association serves as a resource guide and facilitator for these programs, especially by promoting statewide competition and by encouraging young shooters to represent the state at national competition.

Many counties have 4-H shooting sports programs.  The depth of the programs is quite variable ranging from training in basic gun safety to serious competition in rifle, pistol, and/or shotgun shooting.  Check your local county extension office  (insert your specific county in place of “county”) for information on local 4-H programs.  Feel free to participate in programs in an adjoining county if your county does not meet your needs or volunteer to help.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources promotes youth safety through hunter education classes, youth only hunting dates, Hoosier outdoor experience, and other special programs.

The Indiana American Legion supports local Legion posts in developing young shooters primarily in precision pellet rifle and includes an annual state sporter air rifle competition.

Several public schools have archery programs and a few have trap teams and are working on additional shooting programs.  Archery ranges would make great air rifle/pistol ranges.  A great model of shooting programs in public schools is the Attica, Indiana public school system which began with a trap team.

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation  has extensive information on Action Shooting and Clay Targets

Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation is a granting agency supporting youth shooting sports in Indiana, with an emphasis on team competition.Ranges or competitions (2)

NRA Foundation provides great support for many of the youth shooting sports programs in Indiana.  Indiana is one of the premier fundraising states in the nation.  Attend a Friends of NRA banquet in your area.

The Junior Pistol Shooters of America program is to encourage and enable junior pistol shooters to compete in International and NRA conventional pistol competitions.

Start a Club at your school….team support. USA Shooting and NRA Clubs have excellent guides to starting a club at your school.

USA Shooting

NRA Clubs

Friends of the NRA in Indiana

Find programs and activities through Youth Shooting Sports Alliance. On their page you can click on the activities you are interested, select your state, and find a list to choose from.

NRA Youth Programs in Indiana

Pass It On

Matching caring adults with a passion for the outdoors with children that want to learn about the outdoors…that’s what the Pass It On program is about in a nutshell. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to giving children the chance to experience the great outdoors!


Junior Shooters


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Purdue Extension 4H programs

Support for Teams and School Programs

Start a Club at your school….team support. USA Shooting and NRA Clubs have excellent guides to starting a club at your school.

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NRA Clubs

Collegiate opportunities to Compete, Start a Team, or Start a Club


Youth of all ages can get involved! Whether you’re just starting out with a BB gun or air rifle, Boy Scouts, 4H, there are plenty of programs and opportunities for advancing your skills. Visit USA Shooting’s youth-programs page.

Air Rifle/Pistol is a great way to get started!