ISRPA – USCCA Open House February 5 at Top Shot Firearm Simulator

Sign up NOW and plan to join us Saturday February 5 at Top Shot Firearms Simulator in downtown Indy! Admission is free! The Simulators will be open all day along with speakers, demonstrations, and fun!  We’ll have information on our new programs and opportunities!

Exciting news for Indiana Responsible Gun Owners! The ISRPA (Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association) and the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) are announcing a new partnership to create more personal defense and firearms training and education opportunities around the state of Indiana.

IRGO will be supporting this new partnership by helping with communication through the website, social media, and weekly email campaigns.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the open house on Saturday, February 5, at Top Shot firearms simulator, just east of downtown Indy. The event will be from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday. Everybody is welcome to come to check out the simulator and learn about this new partnership and the training and education opportunities that will be offered all over the state.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 5. And as always,

Stay sharp and stay safe,

Jim Anthony – IRGO Founder

Today we are excited to announce a new partnership to boost our continued commitment to education, training, safety, and responsible gun ownership. The ISRPA has entered into a promotional partnership agreement with Delta Defense, the service provider to the USCCA, to augment the Association’s efforts to encourage and inspire responsible gun owners all across Indiana to seek out ongoing and consistent training and education to become more competent and capable of protecting themselves and their loved ones safely and legally.

This new partnership will leverage resources to bring expanded opportunities to Indiana residents.

The state-level chapter of the National Rifle Association, ISRPA is also affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), MidwayUSA Foundation, Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation, The 2A Project, United States Concealed Carry Association, Gun Owners of America, and The Well-Armed Woman.

We will be working with ranges, retailers, and conservation clubs as well as independent instructors throughout the state to plan and present these classes and training events. The curriculum will include basic rifle and pistol instruction along with USCCA courses: CCHDF (Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals), Defensive Shooting, Women’s Handgun, and Self-Defense Fundamentals, Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, Church Security Team Training, and much more.

To support these new initiatives ISRPA has added a NEW Vice President Education and Training. We welcome Tami Watson, well known Firearms Instructor, speaker and advocate from Columbus Indiana to the position. We also welcome Jim Anthony, who brings his energy and expertise as the Indiana representative for Delta Defense. A Noblesville resident, ISRPA member, Range Safety Officer and Instructor, Jim is the creator of the Indiana Responsible Gun Owners website, which will be an extremely valuable tool for communication.

Firearm ownership is one of the most unique and potentially life-changing decisions one can make. There is nothing else quite like it. Yet, some of our most significant purchases in life don’t impact our lifestyle quite as much as the decision to acquire and then possess a firearm with the intent to train with it as a potential tool of personal protection.

There is much we need to know. There are decisions we need to make. And there are actions we must regularly take if we want to be competent, legal, and responsible when carrying a firearm. To address these issues, the ISRPA/USCCA partnership will be scheduling a number of training and education classes around Indiana to give gun owners plenty of opportunities to engage in firearms knowledge and skill development on an ongoing basis. We will also be working with IRGO, the Indiana Responsible Gun
Owners website to facilitate communication with the shooting community. This website publishes a calendar of all training events that are going on around the state. IRGO also publishes an email each week to keep responsible gun owners educated, informed, and aware of where the training and education opportunities are within the area. To sign up to receive the IRGO weekly email just visit the IRGO website and fill out the email sign-up form.

A new ISRPA member benefit has also been created with this new partnership. Any ISRPA member who would like to join the USCCA will get a group discount of 15% off their membership fee. This is the deepest discount the USCCA offers. **Please Note: You Must Contact Jim Anthony To Take Advantage Of This Discount**. Contact Jim at or through the IRGO website

UPDATE ON HB 1077 (“Constitutional Carry”)

From ISRPA President Charlie Hiltunen 11 January 2022 2:45pm:

From ISRPA President Charlie Hiltunen 11 January 2022 2:45pm:  

HB 1077, Constitutional Carry, just passed the House By a vote of 63-29.  

The Bill now moves to the Senate, sponsored by Senators Eric Koch and Jim Tomes…. Now it is time to call your State Senator to vote yes, but most importantly, to ask the President Pro Tem , Rod Bray to send the Bill to the Senate Criminal Law Committee, where Chairman Mike Young pledged to give the Bill a hearing and vote.

Please call your Representative and ask them to vote YES on HB 1077!

Legislative Alert – Constitutional Carry

HB 1077, the Indiana Constitutional Carry Bill, was filed in the legislature for the 2022 session and has already been set for a hearing in the Public Policy Committee TOMORROW, Wednesday, January 5 at 1:30 pm in Room 404 of the Statehouse. ISRPA Members are encouraged to attend as your support makes a difference. (Note: we usually receive at least a little more notice regarding Bill hearings, but this is a special circumstance and it is important to let everyone know)
HB1077 is authored by Rep. Ben Smaltz (chairman of the Public Policy Committee) and Rep. Matt Lehman; it will be one of the very first bills of the 2022 Session to move and should create positive momentum for the issue.
Senator Tomes, along with Senators Brown and Doriot have filed the Senate version of Constitutional Carry and we should hear soon regarding the hearing status.
The legislature began its work today and we will see a number of new bills impacting the 2A, hunting, and shooting sports; ISRPA will send out a comprehensive bill track for members each Friday throughout the legislative session.
Charlie Hiltunen, President Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association