Indiana Primary Election Ratings & Endorsements Are Now Posted on NRAPVF.ORG

Indiana Primary Election Ratings & Endorsements Are Now Posted on NRAPVF.ORG

Fellow ISRPA Members,

The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has updated the grades on (most of) the candidates in the upcoming (7 May) Primary Elections. These include Governor, US Senate, US House, State Senate, and State House candidates.

This year will not only be highly-contentious in the Presidential election, but in Indiana as well. The Governor, one US Senator, and several US House seats (Districts 3, 6, and 8) do not have an incumbent.

One race that has caught my attention (you can’t avoid all the TV and radio commercials) is the 6th District US House. This District runs from just south of Indianapolis to south of Columbus in the west, and from (all the way east to the Ohio State line) south of Winchester to well south of Richmond.

One of the Republican candidates in this race is Jefferson Shreve. It is rare to see a Republican candidate with a an NRA-PVF “F” grade. Those of us who live in the Indianapolis area and remember his run for Indianapolis Mayor in 2023 (when he adopted the same anti-2nd Amendment platform as the Indianapolis City/County Council which included an “Assault weapons ban”, eliminating Constitutional Carry of handguns, raising the age limit to purchase ANY firearm to 21) know he earned the F-grade.

Those of you who live in the eastern part of the State who get your local news out of Dayton or Cincinnati: Jefferson Shreve is buying a lot of commercial time on radio and TV. Keep in mind that he earned the F from NRA-PVF while running for Indianapolis Mayor.

The note below is from NRA-ILA. It contains dates and links revolving around Indiana. Check it out!

Kelly Myers
Government Affairs Co-Director
Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

Dear Indiana NRA Member:

Tuesday, May 7, is Primary Election Day in Indiana. NRA Political Victory Fund candidate ratings and endorsements for the primary are now available at  Be sure to check out the NRA-PVF website before you vote, so you know where the candidates stand on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen.

Early voting starts Tuesday, April 9th.  Make sure you exercise your right to vote — early or on Primary Election Day — and support candidates who will protect your Second Amendment rights! Voter information and polling locations can be found at

Sincerely, NRA-PVF


“Halftime Report” for the 2024 Session of the Indiana General Assembly

“Halftime Report” for the 2024 Session of the Indiana General Assembly

The first half of the 2024 Indiana General Assembly Legislative session is in the books and it was very good for those of us who support our 2nd Amendment Rights. While not all of the bills we’d like to see made it out of committee, we have two very solid bills that passed the House and are awaiting committee assignment in the Senate.

Although it wasn’t voted on in committee, Senate Bill 28 (Discriminatory Financial Services Practices) exposed the corrosive effects of social credit scores. During the committee hearing testimony, there was a significant number of freedom-loving Hoosiers representing themselves and exercising their 1st Amendment Rights. THANK YOU to all who showed up to support this important legislation! All is not lost- look for parts of Senate Bill 28 to be amended into House Bill 1084.

House Bill 1084 (Privacy of Firearms Financial Transactions) passed the House 73-22 (16 Democrats voted in favor of this bill!) Look for it to be assigned to the Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee in the Senate. While it looks like smooth sailing we can take nothing for granted at the Indiana Statehouse.

House Bill 1235 (Prohibited Causes of Actions Concerning Firearms; this bill will end the 25-year-old lawsuit known as City of Gary v Glock and protect the personal information on 400,000 ATF Form 4473s) passed out of the House 68-27. I personally look for this one to be a fight in the Senate. It will most likely be assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chaired by Senator Liz Brown (who the NRA Political Victory Fund gave a D-grade.) Along with myself representing the ISRPA, John Weber from the NRA-ILA, Christopher Lee from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Guy Relford from The 2A Project will be testifying in committee supporting this bill. I am proud to be part of that team supporting the 2nd Amendment.

Look for chances to support these bills in the near future: we will keep you informed! I’ve already seen an email blast from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action supporting both House Bills 1084 and 1235.

In Liberty,

Kelly Myers
Co-Director, Government Affairs

Legislative Update: Kelly Myers – SB 28 Discriminatory Financial Services Practices

Legislative Update: Kelly Myers – SB 28 Discriminatory Financial Services Practices

SB 28 Discriminatory financial services practices (authored by Jim Tomes) is up for a hearing on Wednesday 31 January, 0830, Room 130 in the Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee. It is very similar to HB 1084, but broader in scope.

Below is a draft email I also posted on Indiana Gun Owners.

Email blast, blog post, shout it from the roof-tops, whatever it takes to get this message out!


I am reaching out to encourage your support for Senate Bill 28, Discriminatory Financial Services Practices. This bill was authored by Senator Tomes.

There are countless examples of banks and payment processors discriminating against law-abiding citizens, businesses, and industries because of activities that are legal and constitutionally protected.

Large banks including Citibank have discriminated against firearms retailers, manufacturers and other firearms-related businesses including training. A JP Morgan/Chase-owned payment processor refused service based solely on the political affiliation of a guest speaker. The North Dakota coal industry has had significant problems maintaining insurance due to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) scores.

SB 28 codifies Social Credit Scores, and allows Hoosiers to take legal action when discrimination occurs. Social Credit Scores were developed by the Chinese Communist Party to control the population. Such activity is abhorrent to freedom-loving Americans, but seen as an opportunity to eliminate dissent by those in charge of financial service providers.

I know I can count on your support of this vital legislation.

Thank you!

Your Name