Legislative Update: Kelly Myers – SB 28 Discriminatory Financial Services Practices

Legislative Update: Kelly Myers – SB 28 Discriminatory Financial Services Practices

SB 28 Discriminatory financial services practices (authored by Jim Tomes) is up for a hearing on Wednesday 31 January, 0830, Room 130 in the Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee. It is very similar to HB 1084, but broader in scope.

Below is a draft email I also posted on Indiana Gun Owners.

Email blast, blog post, shout it from the roof-tops, whatever it takes to get this message out!


I am reaching out to encourage your support for Senate Bill 28, Discriminatory Financial Services Practices. This bill was authored by Senator Tomes.

There are countless examples of banks and payment processors discriminating against law-abiding citizens, businesses, and industries because of activities that are legal and constitutionally protected.

Large banks including Citibank have discriminated against firearms retailers, manufacturers and other firearms-related businesses including training. A JP Morgan/Chase-owned payment processor refused service based solely on the political affiliation of a guest speaker. The North Dakota coal industry has had significant problems maintaining insurance due to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) scores.

SB 28 codifies Social Credit Scores, and allows Hoosiers to take legal action when discrimination occurs. Social Credit Scores were developed by the Chinese Communist Party to control the population. Such activity is abhorrent to freedom-loving Americans, but seen as an opportunity to eliminate dissent by those in charge of financial service providers.

I know I can count on your support of this vital legislation.

Thank you!

Your Name



NRA members and Second Amendment supporters, House Bill 1235 passed out of the Indiana House Judiciary Committee on an 8-2 vote. Please contact your State Representatives and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 1235 by clicking the “Take Action” button below today!

House Bill 1235 does the following:

Prohibits local governments from lodging frivolous lawsuits against firearm manufacturers.
Please forward this NRA-ILA Alert to your friends and family and encourage them to also contact their State Representatives to ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 1235 today!

Legislative Update: Kelly Myers

Legislative Update: Kelly Myers

Legislative Update:

This was one of the best weeks I’ve had at the Statehouse. Hoosier gun owners will be well-served by the bills that were up in committee this week.

First off I must say I was honored to be part of the pro-2A team that assembled to support the legislation. Guy Relford (The 2A Project,) John Weber (NRA Lobbyist,) Christopher Lee (National Shooting Sports Foundation,) and I were there to testify in support.

Wednesday in the Judiciary Committee House Bill 1235 (Prohibited causes of action concerning firearms) passed out of committee on an 8-2 vote. This bill will put an end to the 25-year-old lawsuit by the City of Gary against firearm manufacturers and retailers. It will also protect the personally identifiable information on 400,000 ATF Form 4473s that are at risk due to this lawsuit.

Thursday in the Financial Institutions Committee House Bill 1084 (Privacy of firearms financial transactions) was up for hearing and testimony. This bill will receive a vote in committee next week, but look for another win here. This bill will prevent financial institutions from creating a registry using financial transactions.

Again, I can’t express how honored I was to be part of that pro-2A team.

Hopefully, all goes well and both bills pass the House and go to the Senate. Then we start the process over again.

In Liberty,

Kelly Myers
Government Affairs Co-Director

Kelly Meyers has recently taken on the role of Co-Director of Legislative Affairs with the ISRPA and works directly with ISRPA President, Charlie Hiltunen. Kelly has been involved in Gun Rights directly since 2017 by serving in numerous roles supporting the 2nd amendment. Go here to see Kelly’s full bio…