2023 Indiana State Junior High Power Championship June 24, 2023 at the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

The Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club, in association with the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association and the Indiana Youth Shooting Sports Foundation, is conducting the Indiana Junior High Power State Championship Match on June 24, 2023, at the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club.

The ISRPA has sanctioned this Match as a State Championship Match and this Match is an NRA Registered Match; National Records can be set at this match.

The formal match in the morning will be followed by lunch for the competitors (and spectators) and an informal Team Match in the afternoon.

Will the 2021 and 2022 Champion Madelyn make it a “Three-peat” or will someone else take the top spot this year?

The Preliminary Match Program is available at:

Indiana Junior High Power State Championship; Preliminary Match Bulletin

Registration forms will be available on the website at FWRRClub.org, or from Larry Beardsley at: FWRRHPDirector@aol.com

If there are questions or if any additional information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above email address.