Indiana Becomes 24th Constitutional Carry State!

Governor Holcomb signed Constitutional Carry into Law, making Indiana the 24th state to recognize lawful individuals’ Constitutional right as of July 1, 2022.  Indiana permits will remain available for those that want them, for reciprocity or other reasons.  Constitutional Carry applies only to lawful citizens- the law does NOT change for those prohibited from buying or possessing a firearm.

“The Second Amendment has been debated for years, yet time and again our U.S. Supreme Court has reaffirmed this important constitutional right that I fully support. Twenty-three other states have laws comparable to HEA 1296. Vermont has had a constitutional carry law in place since it became a state, and several other states have had a similar law for more than a decade. HEA 1296, which I’ve signed today, entrusts Hoosiers who can lawfully carry a handgun to responsibly do so within our State.

It’s important to note that if a person is prohibited, under federal or state laws, from possessing a firearm before this law goes into effect, that person will still be prohibited. And if a prohibited person has a firearm, he or she can be prosecuted. Firearm permits will remain available, without fee, to anyone who wants or needs one, such as Hoosiers desiring to carry a firearm to, through or in another state that has reciprocity with Indiana.

Gov. Eric J. Holcomb”

THANK YOU, Gov. Holcomb!!