HB 1369, Permitless Carry in Indiana Introduced

Thanks to the 2A Project for this article explaining the importance of HB 1369, Permitless Carry in Indiana!  

 The 2A Project has been working for months with several legislators to develop the very best Constitutional Carry bill possible and we are pleased and excited to support HB 1369, authored by Rep. Ben Smaltz (chairman of the House Public Policy Committee), Rep. Matt Lehman and Rep. Tim Wesco.  This bill removes the requirement of a License to Carry Handgun for a person to lawfully carry a handgun in Indiana – so Indiana can finally join the ranks of the States that recognize that law-abiding citizens should not have to seek permission from the government to exercise a basic Constitutional right!

Imporantly, the bill overcomes several obstacles that have caused opposition to Constitutional Carry in the past – including the argument that it would allow “prohibited persons” to carry handguns in Indiana.  

The 2A Project will let our members know immediately when a hearing is set on this bill.  We plan to PACK THE STATEHOUSE with a “2A Project Rotunda Day” – and we want ALL of our members to attend wearing their 2A Project t-shirts.  More news to follow on date, time and protocol.

You can see the complete bill and track its progress here: